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Parenting Without Power Struggles

Nov 27, 2019

Susan shares simple practices that parents can use to help children naturally develop a sense of gratitude and appreciation in their daily lives. An uplifting episode with lots of ideas for cultivating an attitude of gratitude!

Nov 21, 2019

Susan talks with Jeanne-Marie Paynel, founder of Voila Montessori and parenting mentor, about establishing kid-friendly rituals and routines--including food preparation and cleanup-- to make meals a time of connection, learning, and nourishment.

Nov 12, 2019

Susan talks with Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks, pioneers in the field of conscious loving and body awareness, about raising emotionally intelligent children. This wide-ranging conversation covers how to acknowledge difficult feelings with children, how to recognize our true "Yes" and "No", and the importance of...

Nov 5, 2019

Even though we may long to avoid tiring arguments and negotiations with our kids, unexamined fears and worries can fan the flames of power struggles. In this episode, Susan talks about how a mother's childhood experiences influence how she engages with her daughter over what to eat for breakfast.